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    Tarot in Modern Society


    Tarot today is becoming more and more popular in the mainstream media. As Tarot starts circulating, it becomes more openly accepted. The question as it lies however: does Tarot really have a place in society today? Is it becoming too popular?

    We see many Tarot readings on the internet, from Tik Tok to Instagram, and even YouTube. However, some of these readings have been proven untrue. We can’t trust every tarot reading we see. So can we even trust these tarot readings? Let’s start off by saying a tarot reading is meant to reveal your past, present, and future dilemmas. There are 78 cards in a tarot deck, and within these 78 cards there are four different suits, the King, Queen, Knight, and Jack. There are 56 Minor Arcana and 22 Major Arcana. The 56 Minor Arcana portray minor life details while the 22 Major Arcana portray the more significant events one might have. If your tarot reader is legit, they won’t ‘fish’ for answers, they will focus on the cards, they will not point out obvious information, they will NOT claim that you are cursed, and they don’t use dubious methods to gain your business.

    But what is tarot used for? Tarot offers many different uses; it provides intuitive reflection, creative inspiration, psychological inquiries, and even journaling prompts! Tarot gives one guidance, and tells you what’s happening in your ‘personal orbit’: love, money, careers, goals and general life paths. The modern use of Tarot can give quite a bit of authority and agency to the beholder of the cards!

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