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    An Opinion On Lakewood Dress Code


    In past years, the dress code at Lakewood has been revised several times allowing more and more leniency with what students can wear. In the past week, students are going out of their way to protest the dress code at Lakewood High School.

    Students are trying to spread awareness about the interference with education from dress-coding students throughout the day as well as teachers sexualizing students’ bodies. These student “activists” are taking a stand against this sexist dress code by organizing protest days and a school walk-out. Most of these actions are counterproductive and serve no purpose in bettering our school.

    Lakewood High School’s dress code is within reason and students getting dress-coded is not a major issue at the school. In four years of high school, I have never been dress-coded nor seen someone in my class dress-coded. This is not meant to invalidate anyone who has been dress-coded but to show how teachers are not strict on what is worn to school. Dressing absurdly to school for these protests will force teachers to be stricter and dress-code more.

    Dress code is not a bad thing either.

    Maintaining a dress code will prepare students for their careers in the future. With programs such as the West Shore Career-Tech at Lakewood High School, students are required to wear certain attire in preparation for their future careers. Preventing students from showing up to school in pajamas encourages a focused mind. Staying in clothes you sleep in decreases your focus throughout the day, based on your mind not making the switch between being in school and outside of school.

    The dress code also has no effect on limiting students’ individuality and freedom of expression. There are plenty of other ways for students to express themselves such as a new hairstyle, nail polish, jewelry, and other accessories. Students are allowed to express themselves as much as possible outside of school hours. Schools should be a place of learning, not a place to share fashion statements.

    Lakewood High School’s dress code is reasonable and students should be held to the responsibility of dressing themselves appropriately for school, even when such rules are in place.

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