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    Building Up Motivation For The School Year


    The past few school years, the majority of the students here at Lakewood High have been in a big slump, dreading going to school, or even logging in online was a hassle for students. Transitioning into fully being in the building again has been difficult for many students, including me. Getting used to waking up again, getting to school on time, walking the halls, and seeing everyone again was a very different scene than what I remembered. Some students are already circling the drain and getting behind, as some teachers may say. Here is how you can start getting motivated again.

    One of the main things people look forward to is getting something they enjoy after doing something they dislike. For instance, for every two homework assignments, you could allow yourself to eat your favorite candy bar. Or if you have a hard time going to school, for every week you have full attendance, treat yourself and get your favorite dinner. If this method is tried you would be participating in a positive sanction. This way works a lot better when you slowly increase the incentive.

    Another way to find motivation is to think about the end result. As basic as it sounds, it is actually proven to help when you strive towards your future. For example, I want to become a psychologist. With that in mind, I can’t really slack in any classes and have to try my absolute hardest. I use my career path as motivation but you can use anything. Your dream car, dream house, dream life. Use it as motivation to get through the school year because if you want to have a nice life, you have to do things you don’t enjoy.

    Finding motivation could be difficult depending on the class, but once you get on top of everything it shouldn’t be that bad.

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