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    Tips For Success In High School


    High school can be overwhelming, especially when you’re an incoming freshman and don’t know what to expect. It can be overwhelming for anyone if you do not know these tips for success. Being successful in school is much easier than you would think. As a high school senior I am here to give you my best tips for success in high school.

    Time Management: A crucial skill to have in life and more importantly school, is time management. The easiest way to succeed in school is to turn your work in on time. It seems simple enough but it certainly helps in the long run. Many students feel the need to skip homework assignments because it is weighted differently than tests. However, the less you do your homework assignments, the more time you need to study for the tests. Completing homework is a constant way of studying for upcoming tests and helps you be prepared. To keep up with upcoming assignments and events, investing in a planner will surely help with staying on track.

    Extracurriculars: Join a club or sport you are interested in. Lakewood High School offers over 50 clubs and about 20 sports to participate in. Joining a club or a sport will make you more involved in school and give you the opportunity to meet new people with the same interests as you. School will overall become more enjoyable when being actively involved. Clubs are always welcoming new members and if you are interested in a certain sport, pay attention to the announcements during homeroom for when tryouts are.

    Attendance: In order to be successful in school, you need to be in school. Attendance is one of the most important things when it comes to succeeding in school. Showing up to school everyday is the easiest way to be the most successful. Doing so will allow you to stay on top of your work and get the most benefit out of school. Missing large amounts of school will push you farther back than you want to be.

    With the right tips and advice you can find yourself extremely successful in high school. Just remember to enjoy it while it lasts because before you know it you will be already done. Best of luck!

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    • B

      Bella HorstemeierSep 24, 2021 at 10:32 am

      Well written, would have been very helpful and motivational when I was an incoming freshman. I hope other students read this and it helps them with their school success.