“How do you recommend I get prepared for the new quarter?”



Lana Collins, Opinions + Advice Journalist

We are nearing the end of our first quarter of the 21-22 school year. People are running around and scrambling for extra credit and different ways to raise their grades. If you were struggling this quarter, you probably need to figure out the best way to stay organized for the second quarter and the colder season. How do you get ready to have the best school quarter of your life?

A very big recommendation is getting an agenda or calendar to keep track of all the things you need to and keep yourself scheduled so you can’t forget assignments coming up. Being able to know due dates will keep you right on track. No more stress of getting unorganized or losing track of what you need and don’t need.

Study. Study. Study. Another thing that is recommended is a study group. Find people you can learn from because it’s not always about getting assignments in but also about making sure you understand the material. You will only make it if you’re keeping up and if you can’t, make sure to communicate it with your teacher and they will do everything they can to make sure you’re keeping up with the information in class. They’re your teacher – they’re here to help. Your classmates also probably will be there to help you.

There’s also a mental aspect of being set for the new quarter: don’t walk in with doubt. Know who you are and walk with confidence. Never doubt your intelligence because doubt will poison your mind and could lead you to the place you’re so worried about. So all in all, check your email, check your grades, check in with your teachers and check yourself.