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    The Art of Watercolor


    For watercoloring, all you need is a paintbrush, watercolor paint, paper, and a palette. It does not even have to be a palette; it can even be paper plates or anything that you can mix on.

    You can do pretty much anything with watercolor. Watercolor can be used as plainly as adding water to the watercolor paint. It can be used by adding salt to it to add texture to the watercolor. A straw can be used to blow on watercolor to move the watercolor in different directions. Paper towels can also be used to pick up the watercolor to leave some texture to the piece of paper and also take away some of the colors on the paper. Saran wrap can also be used to add texture to the piece of paper. You can even add rubber cement to the paper before you use watercolor. By putting rubber cement before watercolor, you can create different kinds of shapes that would not have watercolor on it. Adding rubber cement blocks the watercolor from coming through. After you add the rubber cement and add the watercolor, you can rub the rubber cement off so that there would be white space. You can add anything to it, such as doodles, or even color it with colored pencils. By adding different textures to watercolor it can take a normal looking piece to a unique one.

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