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    Using Trace to Draw

    Sophia Stringer

    In Art 4, you will be introduced to a process called Trace to Draw. It’s where you put monoprinting ink on the glossy side of freezer paper and then put that freezer paper on a piece of paper that you already worked with, or a new piece of paper. You would need a roller to roll out the ink on the freezer paper and it shouldn’t be an opaque color on the paper it should just cover the whole page. Then you would put an image over the paper that you want to draw and start tracing it. 

    It’s an easy process to do and you can determine how dark each of your lines is going to get and what type of shading you want to do with your piece. However, when working with trace to draw you have to be very careful not to put pressure on your paper because it will leave fingerprints unless you purposefully want to do it then just do it. 

    Ultimately it is up to you how you want your piece to look. You can control what areas of your piece are where your darks and lights are going to be within the piece. You can put a Trace to Draw over an Akuna piece to add more detail within the piece or you can just do it on a plain piece of paper. 

    When doing trace to draw it doesn’t have to be just black ink it could be any type of color that you want.

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