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    Student Athletes Opinion on Covid-19 restrictions


    Covid-19 has put many of our student athletes under pressure with tight restrictions, with entire seasons being canceled for some sports and restricted access to events and games. Now it’s not that these restrictions were unnecessary for the safety of our faculty and students, but it has a significant impact on certain athlete’s futures.

    Student athlete Eli Williams said this about the last outdoor Track season, “I ended up getting Covid-19 late into the season, forcing me to quarantine for two weeks right before all of our most important meets then after I was cleared I did not run for the rest of the season.” Thankfully, Eli kept the team safe but it cost him the most important part of his season and ended up with him further back than if he would have been allowed to run.

    Not only has there been specific instances like this one where athletes could not compete, it also has put restrictions on certain indoor workouts and entire teams working out together. This puts athletes under unnecessary stress that may affect performance and mental health for some, but not all.

    Going into this year of sports at the high school, restrictions were lifted with Covid-19 numbers fluctuating from highs to lows. Students and parents are all now allowed at Lakewood Ranger football games, unlike last year where primarily only family was allowed. For a high school team, having students and fans in the crowd is important. Masks are still enforced on the bus or whenever the team is in close proximity of each other, which will help keep the teams and other schools’ teams safe and healthy.

    For example, one game for varsity football was unfortunately canceled this year against Normandy because most of their team and coaches came down with Covid the week of the game, forcing the team to play at a school over an hour away, which resulted in a loss.

    Most importantly, as long as everyone does their individual part to keep Lakewood and its students safe, the year should continue on a good course.


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