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    PSAT Advice


    Next week both sophomores and selected juniors will be taking the PSAT on October 13th. For someone who has never taken a test like this before, it may come off as very intimidating. However, as someone who has taken the PSAT twice, I am here to give advice on how to best prepare yourself for success.

    First, get familiar with this exam. Understand that there will be both a Math and English section on the test. Reviewing the types of questions that are asked on the test through, will allow you to have more time when figuring out answers.

    Skip time-consuming questions. If a question takes you longer than two or three minutes, move to the next question. Answer all of the questions that are easier to complete and return to the more challenging ones.

    Don’t leave anything blank. A majority of the questions are multiple choice, so guessing on questions you are unsure about will leave you with a 25% chance of getting it correct. You will have a much higher chance of success on your exam answering all the questions than you would leaving answers blank. When completing any multiple choice test, if the answer is not clear, eliminate the answers that are wrong. Using the process of elimination you will be able to find the best answer for the question.

    Try your best not to stress. This is a practice test for the SAT exam you will possibly take later. More recently, colleges are not requiring test scores for admission. They may help acceptance into schools and scholarships, but they are not required. Before the test, go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep. Make sure you are well hydrated and eat breakfast in the morning.

    Good luck on Wednesday!

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