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    Squid Game Review


    Squid Game is a Korean series with an odd name. It is a disturbing nine-episode series about a world where children’s games turn deadly. Squid Game is the first Korean drama to hit the number one spot on Netflix, reaching the milestone just four days after its release, and now marks the company’s biggest series launch ever. It’s bloody and violent, but it’s also addictive.

    Squid Game, which started streaming on September 17, focuses on a desperately indebted group of people in South Korea. They’re first tricked into a deadly tournament of children’s games, but then many of them volunteer to come back, realizing the games may be their only chance to win the money they need to survive.

    A lot of people were wondering what Squid Game means. In the first episode, main character Seong Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung -Jae) explains that Squid Game was a game kids in his neighborhood once played on a squid-shaped court. It’s similar to Red Rover, or an elaborate version of tag. No spoilers, but the Squid Game itself eventually comes up in the deadly tourney.

    No question, the show has a dark theme and blood spurts freely. Watching children’s games turned into deadly battles is unnerving, and it’s not for everyone. But the characters are well-developed and the action moves quickly and never lets up for long.

    The Lakewood Times does not recommend this show for children as it is very violent and they could be extremely affected by the scenes and the story.

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