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“April Showers Bring May Flowers”


There was a year where the world was in despair. There were no flowers in bloom, and there were several droughts throughout the country. The country that this weather hit the most was Ancient Rome. So many of the females in Ancient Rome didn’t know what to do. The flowers  are not blooming so they could not collect them for decoration. Also with flowers blooming it helped to let the woman know that fresh herbs were growing. With no fresh flowers comes no fresh herbs which meant that dinners wouldn’t taste good, and if a kid were to get sick there was nothing that could help them.

The reason behind this dry weather was because the hindu goddess of rain Indra wasn’t being worshiped as much as she used to. She was angry about this and decided to take matters into her own hands. She decided that if no one would worship her then she would refuse to let rain fall.

Flora, who was the roman goddess of flowers and their blooming, noticed how dreadful all the people were. So what she did was travel far looking for Indra but was having trouble finding her because she was a goddess among the hindu people and Flora was a goddess among the roman people.

After several weeks that turned into months Flora finally found Indra. By the time Flora found her it was already the end of March. 

“Indra I have searched long and far to find you,” Flora would tell Indra.

“What is a Roman goddess like you doing here?” Indra asked.

“I came to make a compromise, my people are slowly perishing because YOU refuse to let it rain, and for what?” 

“I refuse to let it rain, I am punishing the citizens for not worshiping me as much as they use to.”

“That is not reasonable. I’m sure they do worship you, they just not as much as they used to. But it is because of you that they are living. If it does not rain there is no water, and if there is no water then I cannot grow any plants that will help feed the people, and it causes people to be overheated. The people need you.”

“Is that right?” 

“Yes it is, they all love you just they do not think rain is as important then because it was cold.”

“What was your compromise,” Indra sighed.

“In April you have it rain as much as you can, then by the time May comes around the plants will have enough water in which I can have them start growing and the people can live, and I promise that once it starts raining the people will be so grateful.”

“Are you positive about this?”


“Alright, you got a deal,” Indra says as she and Flora shake hands.

After the two agreed on this deal Flora started for home. By the time she got home it was late April and it was raining. Slowly Flora was able to let the first herb start sprouting. 

In early May several flowers had bloomed to the fullest, and plenty of herbs grew to their fullest and the people were able to harvest the herbs for their meals.

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