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Snow Day Requirements

Interview with Superintendent Mrs. Niedzwiecki
Snow Day Requirements

The grueling winter months here in northeastern Ohio are typically filled with feet of snow and negative windchills. This year we have gotten lucky, whether it be the minimal amount of snow or the 60 degree Christmas holiday. As much as Lakewood students hope for a snow day, it looked as though that would take a miracle until January came around. With other schools closing around us, Lakewood students couldn’t help but question the system. What does it take for us to get a snow day? 

We went to the woman with the power, Mrs. Niedzwiecki, and she explained that “Calamity days are school days that are closed by the administration due to snow, inclement weather, power outages, lack of water, etc. Superintendents usually call a snow day if a winter storm warning will impact the students’ ability to come to school or go home from school. Wind chill days are usually called if the arrival to school will be at a minimum of -10 degrees.”

When asked about how much consideration is taken with student drivers or new drivers, Niedzwiecki responded, “I think of all of our students prek-12.” It’s obvious that the most important factor to our superintendent is the well-being and safety of our community. 

Although safety is her main concern when deciding whether or not to call it a snow day, she also has to look at the timing of the weather. She sets a deadline; “I usually call our snow/cold days prior to 6:00 am. After that point travel has already begun for teachers and students who do get travel services provided to them through the district.” This means that the snow usually has to have already been affecting traveling. Especially as a district that has commuters from Westlake, Rocky River and Bay Village, the roads have to be generally clear for them to travel. So this plays a huge factor, as Niedzwiecki says, “If the streets aren’t clear by 6 a.m., I will call a calamity day.” Calamity days are mostly based on timing and whether or not the commuters can make it to school in a timely and safe manner. 

Now that we know what the conditions have to be, flush ice down the toilet, wear your pajamas backwards, and put a spoon underneath your pillow! A little superstition may help us get another calamity day. Big thank you to the superintendent for answering our questions and doing all she does!

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