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Legend: “The Well”

Hundreds of years ago, a little well was built. However, as it was being assembled, the workers dug the hole in the ground, however, they could hear the sound of groans and growling coming from deep in the ground. They rushed to complete the building process. Sealing each stone with slip, making sure it would be able to withstand the harsh weather in the spring.

 When it was finished, the well was used for the little children’s enjoyment. They loved throwing little coins inside, making wishes. However, after a few months of the well being built, children began to become fearful of the well. Not for its deteriorating stone, or the vines strangling the sides, but because of the Shadow Man. 

These little ones claimed to see a dark figure peering out from the top of the well, Its piercing red eyes stared at them. Its eyes glowing from the darkness, still visible from hundreds of feet below ground. Whenever the children would come close, they would hear the sound of Its deep growls. The Thing’s extended and sharpened finger would reach out from within, trying to grasp any child that came too close to Its home. 

However, when parents would run out of their homes to see why their child would have scratch marks and bruises, they saw nothing. No eyes. No claws. Nothing. 

The children would continue to go to the well, even though they were fearful for their lives. That was until Johnson’s little boy had disappeared. He was last seen near the well. As the town’s officers came to the crime scene, they were only to reveal the little hat he had worn that day, along with little shredded up pieces of his bright blue jacket. 

There was no trace of where the little Johnson boy was. The sounds of the parents’ screams filled the town, sending shivers down everyone’s spine. A few months after the incident, the children stayed as far away from the Demon’s well as they could. 

Ever since then, children that came close to the well in this little town to make a wish heard the sound of a child’s laughter, along with the deep growls of the Shadow Man. Some children claim to see the shape of a small boy, wearing his little hat and jacket, just staring at anyone who comes near. From the distance, they could see the dark figure rise next to the victim from its home. The well.

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