Taking Action Against Climate Change in Lakewood

Samantha Facaros, Lakewood News Reporter

The main cause of climate change is burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas. Lakewood is taking initiative to fight climate change and they are asking the residents of Lakewood for help!

In October of 2021, Lakewood’s Town Hall had its first-ever meeting with residents to ask their opinion on how the city should take action on climate change. In the presentation at this meeting, they stated that they wanted to have 100% clean energy for city facilities by 2025 and for the community by 2035. Lakewood is pushing to be a regional leader in climate action and sustainability planning.

The next meeting for the Lakewood climate action plan is on Oct. 5 and will take place on Zoom. The leaders are urging Lakewood residents to come and give their input so we can create a safer environment for years to come as well as what kind of measures we should be taking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which are one of the leading contributors to climate change. Taking action in our city is the first step to taking on climate change around the world!