$68 million in Ohio School Safety Grants

Samantha Facaros, Lakewood News Reporter

On Feb. 2, Governor Mike DeWine visited Lakewood High School. He announced that there are going to be $68 million in grants to improve safety and security measures in schools across the state of Ohio. Thankfully, Lakewood is one of these schools receiving the grant. Lakewood is looking to use the money towards new and better locks and is also thinking about replacing the big windows in the cafeteria with bulletproof glass to ensure better safety in the school.

There has been a total of $173 million that’s been awarded to a whopping 2,374 kindergarten through grade twelve schools all around Ohio! Other Ohio schools are looking to use the money towards security expenses such as new security cameras, public address systems, automatic door locks, visitor badging systems, and more exterior lighting. Sadly, with school shootings becoming more common across the country, this grant is very important so schools can stop tragedies from happening. Governor DeWine announced this as his fourth round of the Ohio K-12 School Safety Grant Program, and the fifth round of funding is looking to be announced in the upcoming weeks. 

Hopefully, these funds will help keep not only Lakewood schools safe, but schools all across the state of Ohio safe.