Lakewood Park Ambassadors

Ayla French, Lakewood News Reporter

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Lakewood is looking for park ambassadors for their Park Ambassadors Program this spring. Lakewood is working with its new partner Block by Block for this program. The ambassadors will be called Neighborhood Safety Specialists; They will add additional safety services to help the traditional uniformed officers, which will help achieve better public safety. 

The ambassadors will be patrolling five parks in Lakewood, on foot and bike, for seven days a week from 1:30pm-10:00pm. They will be looking for possible problems, identifying them, and then reporting them before they become a danger. The five parks are Lakewood Park, Madison Park, Cove Park, Kauffman Park, and Wagar Park. 

If being a park ambassador seems like the thing for you, then to apply you go to, click on the apply green icon that is in the top right corner of the website page, then you go to the where search bar and type in Lakewood, OH and that will bring up where you can apply to be a Lakewood Park ambassador.