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Molly Keane

Lakewood is full of local bands. I had the opportunity to talk to two local bands with members that go to Lakewood High School. I was able to talk to Molly Keane, the singer for Cassoulet consisting of Molly Keane, Luca Blaze, Cameron Weir, Jermey Frolo, and Killian Perry. Also, Luca Blaze, the bass player from Subliners consisting of Luca Blaze, Cameron Weir, Ethan Ventresca, Ty Jacobs, and John Finley. I was able to ask both students questions about each band.

Here are the questions with responses from both Luca and Molly:

How did everyone meet?

Molly: “Cameron, Killian and Luca met through the School of Rock and Luca, Jermey and met at the highschool.”

Luca: “We met through School of Rock and the house band where we’re all members.”

How did the band start?

Molly: “Luca, Killian and Cameron were already together starting projects and then they got a show at Mahalls and needed a singer. That’s where Jeremy and I came in. Luca asked me to meet everyone and see how it goes and Cameron mentioned wanting a sax player that’s how Jeremy was introduced to the band”

Luca: “It was our drummer’s idea to form a group separate from the house band to compete in the Tri-C Rock Off. We all love to perform and the Rock Off is one of the most fun and gratifying opportunities there is, so we were all for it.”

What does everyone play?

Molly: “Killian Perry is the drummer, Luca Blaze plays bass, Cameron Weir plays lead guitar, Jermey Frolo 

plays sax and keys, and I sing and play rhythm guitar.”

Luca: “I play the bass, Cameron Weir plays the guitar, Ethan Ventresca plays the keys and sings, Ty Jacobs sings and plays guitar, and John Finley plays the drums.”

What genre of music does your band play?

Molly: “We mainly play indie/rock music right now, but we don’t want to label it because we all enjoy different types of music and are looking forward to our own original songs very soon.”

Luca: “Our set has been relatively genre bending so far, but I like to describe it as a mix of funky fusion with some heavier stuff thrown in the mix.”


If you are interested in hearing them play, Cassoulet will be playing at Beachland Tavern 15711 Waterloo Rd, Cleveland, OH 44110 on Wednesday, April 12.

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