Car Accident at Hola Tacos

Samantha Facaros, Lakewood News Reporter

Hola Tacos, located at 12102 Madison Avenue, is known for their Mexican street tacos and friendly environment, but on April 20, things took a turn for the worst.

On Thursday, April 20, at around 2 pm, five customers and a driver were rushed to the hospital after a vehicle crashed into the front patio of the restaurant. It is seen on camera that the driver appears to be trying to park when they suddenly accelerate into the dining area of the restaurant while customers were seated eating. Luckily the five victims and the driver only faced minor injuries, including some victims getting concussions from the crash. While the name of the driver has not been released by the Lakewood Police Department, we know that she is a 62-year-old woman from Stow. Lakewoods police captain, William Albrecht, Told 3news that they are still investigating the incident and that it doesn’t appear that the woman was impaired by drugs or alcohol. 

Hola Tacos is back open after quickly repairing the fence and patio area. While we are now waiting for more details of the accident we hope for a speedy and healthy recovery from all that were affected.