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FSO Moving to Lakewood


Franklin School of Opportunity is perhaps the most outdated building out of all 13 schools in Lakewood, and they can’t even rebuild the school because the building is condemned. To maintain their reputation as one of the best and safest schools in Cuyahoga County, FSO will be moved to Lakewood High School in fall of 2025.

The reason behind FSO’s existence is for the students to have a better chance of being successful and able to leave high school with knowledge of the real world. This is a building that welcomes students who don’t learn in the typical way. Classes are smaller and more supported for all students. The day is shorter, allowing students who struggle with attendance to be able to attend a full day. Additionally, it is good for students who work after school because the school day ends at 2:30.

The only in-person classes are the core subjects and those classes are a full 60 minutes, meaning there is more time for everything done in class and there is no homework. Students have more project and center-based learning instead of tests and quizzes, helping every student have an opportunity to succeed. The staff is invested in the student’s success and it is a close-knit group, making sure each student feels believed in, helped, and heard.

A common misconception is that the students at FSO are all “bad” kids but that could not be further from the truth. Every kid goes through issues in high school and sometimes the best solution is to leave the place that is causing those issues or stress and have a fresh start. FSO is a place where any student who doesn’t feel like they fit in can go and know they belong. Although it’s going to be a weird start for all students and teachers, the students at FSO deserve to be at a school that isn’t so old. 

In terms of Lakewood High School, students are still unsure of how they feel about this move. Lakewood High School student Jada Goings says “I’m worried about Franklin School of Opportunity moving to Lakewood High School, [and] I’m worried about the unknown. I’m worried about the logistics of it [such as] where will they go to eat, [and] where their classes will be. I’m also curious how they are going to be able to deal with all of the new and extra kids at LHS and how they will maintain order.”

Overall, the plans to move to Lakewood High School have yet to be fully worked out, but it is definitely moving forward.

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Simone is a freshman at Lakewood High School. She is in History Club and is also involved in theater. She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, Spanish, and watching horror movies. She is very excited to be in Journalism this year!

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