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Mentoring the Freshman


Freshmen have it bad. Most people could agree on that, even if the majority of people are antagonistic towards them. Even the freshmen’s fellow underclassmen, the sophomores, always pick on the newbies. Some would argue that this is just the way things naturally go, but the freshman need help now more than ever, especially coming out of a pandemic. Seventh graders now becoming freshmen is a crazy adjustment.

This is why the class Leadership & Mentoring, which is taught by Ms. Manning, is going to be doing just that; mentoring the freshmen and attempting to shed some light on their future and comfort them through this process, while also making it fun and entertaining. They only have three days to do this. Once in October, once in November, and once in December. Through activities and the power of communication and companionship, the seniors hope to translate the future of the freshmen.
On October 22, during the first, fourth, and ninth periods, the Leadership & Mentoring class are playing more get-to-know-you games, ranging from “Would you rather” and Jenga trivia.

The next days during November and December are yet to be determined, but the seniors are hoping to make the activities still engaging and entertaining in some way. When it comes to freshmen, keeping their entertainment levels high is always something that needs to be implemented. It’s going to be interesting to see how the seniors will create the activities and engage with the freshmen while also being personal and vulnerable with them. Their last day, of course, is going to be tied up neatly with the hopes that the freshman received something from the experience.

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