Dance Group 2021

Molly Pilgrim, Clubs, Organizations, Performing Arts Reporter

Dance group is back and better than ever. Due to covid-19, the dancers had to take five and not have a show last year. Dance group is led by students. These students choreograph all of the dances and practice throughout the week for their recital. Creating these dances allows the students to be expressive. There are many different genres of dance that take place like jazz, hip hop and tap. There are mainly group dances but there are also solos, duets and trios that take place.

Auditions will be held on Nov. 11, 2021. Next week they will be holding clinics where you learn a short clip of a dance to audition with. As long as you put your best effort on the dance floor you will be a part of this wonderful group. After tryouts students will show off their choreography and students pick what dances suit them best. Students can be in as many dances as they would like to be in and everyone is a part of the opening and closing dance. The dance groups are open for anyone who wants to be a part of the dance. However, many people create dances to perform with just their friends. Another popular dance is doing duets with your siblings. 

The recital will take place in March and the students will prepare twice a week. The week before the recital the dancers will have tech week, where they will have rehearsal every day leading up until the performance. During this time they are continuously going over their dances to perfect them.  The dancers are filled with more energy than ever considering that they had to miss out last year. This should be an exciting year for all the new and experienced dancers.