Hope for the Holidays

Alexis Stringer, Senior News

During the National Honor Society meeting Wednesday, November 11th, the President, Inga Wilhelmy, talked about doing a fundraiser for Hope of the Holidays. Hope for the Holidays is a fundraiser where students will donate to Gigi’s Playhouse. Hope for the Holidays is a way for homerooms to gather up money to donate for a good cause. 

The students of the National Honor Society are tasked to encourage the people in their homeroom to donate money. The homeroom with the most amount of donations will be able to have a donut party with the rest of their homeroom. 

In the meeting, there was a guest speaker from Gigi’s Playhouse.  The speaker’s name is Liz Maxwell and she broadened the view of what Gigi’s Playhouse does for the community. This inspires the students in the meeting to get involved and want to donate to Gigi’s Playhouse. Gigi’s Playhouse is a Down Syndromes Achievement Center and it offers people with down syndrome opportunities to learn, exercise, do activities, etc. This shows people that there is another home for people who have down syndrome and those that do not as well. It brings people together and many people have called that their home. 

After her presentation, she inspired people to get involved with Gigi’s Playhouse and do whatever they can to donate or to volunteer for them. It inspired many people in National Honor Society to see Gigi’s Playhouse from a different perspective and want to help people and want to learn more about other people. The Hope for the Holidays will help people who are involved with them and it will donate for a good cause and something that should be talked about more often.