Cinema Club

Molly Pilgrim, Clubs, Organizations, Performing Arts Reporter

Have you ever seen the Lakewood High School yearbook? Well if you have, you know how good it looks. It takes a lot of time and people to make these yearbooks so good and that’s where the Cinema club comes into play. The cinema club meets once a week. During this time they assign sections of the yearbook off and they get their creative juices flowing as they create fun, organized pages for the yearbook.

The yearbook consists of pictures of sports teams, homecoming, clubs and classroom settings. All of these pages take time to organize and make. Each student is assigned a section to work on and perfect. Each of these sections is diligently worked on to create the best collages possible.

The participants in the Cinema club also take charge of gathering quotes from different students on how this year has been for them. Cinema club allows students to put their creativity into something that lots of people look back on. In this club, they capture moments from everyone’s high school experience. These students will get to look back on these memories because of the Cinema club.