Spanish drinks

Jazzalyn Palma, Food reporter

With all the foods that are available, Spanish drinks are also important to the meal. Drinks aren’t necessarily something that needs to be made but there are some drinks that you can make at home or buy at a local Spanish grocery store or restaurant.

Horchata, its a Mexican rice milk drink. Ingredients that are used to make this rice, sugar, cinnamon powder and sticks, vanilla extract, evaporated milk, whole milk and water. To makes horchata you must soak rice and cinnamon in water the night before you plan on making it. After soaking drain from most water and blend in a blender adding in the rest of the ingredients. After blended strain through a fine mesh strainer into a storable container to get all chunks out, then refrigerate.

Agua de tamarindo, a tamarindo drink. Ingredients needed are tamarindo pods, sugar and water. First peel the shells off the tamarindo pods and discard as well as the strings. Then boil for about eight minuets, then let cool completely in the pot. Once cooled remove all sends from pods and other strings, then blend. After blending strain into a storable container, add sugar and water to your liking then refrigerate.

Not all Spanish drinks have to be made at home, horchata and tamarindo come bottled at local stores. But there are also things like sodas that are popular amongst Latin Americans such as Malta, Postobon, Jarritos, cola champagne or any Goya sodas. These are a little easier to find in regular grocery stores and are very inexpensive.

Spanish drinks are just one of the many parts of any meal and can be found anywhere or made at home. There are many other drinks that can be made as well this is just two of the very common drinks.