Smile Dental Program

Kylee Zingale, Lakewood Times Reporter

The Smile Dental program is a mobile dentist that will be coming into our very own health clinic on Oct. 21. During the day you will get sent down to the health clinic where the mobile dentist is set up. Once there, you will hand in your paperwork and get an x-ray of your teeth, after you will be seen by a lady who is going to go through and clean your teeth. Once you are done getting your teeth cleaned you will be seen by the dentist who is going to check your teeth. While seeing the dentist you could have the chance to get your teeth pulled! In six month they will come back to do a check up on the students who are signed up. There are already 80 people signed up to see the mobile dentist on Friday. There is still time for your parents or guardian to sign you up. Go to www.mobiledentist.come to fill out the information needed to be seen on Friday by the mobile dentist.