Lakewood Swim and Dive

Samantha Hudak, Sports Reporter

This past Tuesday, Oct. 18, was the first swim and dive meeting! The swim coaches, along with the newly appointed advisor Mr. Sedlak, hosted this informational meeting to better promote the 2022-23 Swim and Dive season. Swim and Dive is a two-part sport — hence the name Swim and Dive. The swimming portion consists of a multitude of events ranging from breaststroke to butterfly to freestyle to backstroke and more. Diving, on the other hand, consists of a high and regular height dive. Participants are encouraged to try one if not both events. Swimming is also a non-cut sport and is open to all swimmers of all skill and experience levels. Additionally, it’s a lot of fun. With past traditions of dying hair and large pasta dinners, it provides more than just a great workout. 

Last year’s swim captain and current senior, Lydianna Trudel, encourages everyone interested to come out and try it. If Swim and Dive sounds of interest to you and you were not able to attend the informational meeting, make sure to reach out to one of the coaches to learn more! Any questions regarding the duration of the season, athlete expectations, scheduling issues, or any other concerns can be directed toward the coaching staff or coaching aids. Additionally, even if you’re not planning on trying out for swim yourself, make sure to attend the meets! Root your fellow Rangers on in their upcoming events! Go Lakewood!