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Student Story- Three Perspectives

Character One: Arthur London

As the day goes by, my life has been turned upside down. I wasn’t expecting to move to another state or schools. My life has been on the wrong side of the tracks, and I wish my life could be with other kids.; Instead I am here looking for fate. Fate they say, do you believe how our life changes? Do people have this feeling that you’re not important in the world? Yes, I never hurt myself, but I could see my future in the moment. Instead, I have to move to seven states and fourteen schools that I have to go to because we don’t have enough money to live in a house. We were lucky that we found a place to stay. The other day my mother told me about a place that we could stay and it has a nice house to meet, and I was surprised to see it. It took us about three hours on the highway, until we got off to the city of Portland, Oregon. 


There were tons of trees. The views were pretty cool and the neighborhood was welcoming. Another minute later, we ended up at a house near the park and the forest. The house was like a mansion and I cannot believe that my great grandfather lived here. There were many rooms and windows to look at. When we unpacked and cleaned inside the house, I took all my staff and checked my room. It was huge and like you’re in the castle. There was a walking closet and bathroom. I wasn’t expecting all of this and actually will live here for the rest of my life, it took me a moment to relax and then start unpacking. Suddenly the doorbell rang, I raced downstairs and opened the door. 

“Welcome to the neighborhood, I am Barbara King and this is my friend, Jack Fisher,” said the girl in brunette, pretty and she wears a gray hoodie and black pants. Next to her, Jack is tall and has a builder type body, blond hair and he smiled at me, he was wearing white t-shirt and black short pants.

“Thank you, it’s a really nice neighborhood, and by the way, I’m Arthur London.”

“We know who you are, besides we were not stalkers and we’re not stalking you. Your grandpa is a nice man and he knows our parents before we are even born,” Jack said.

“I see, well, come on in,” I said and watched the two entered the house.


Character Two: Barbara King


As I woke up, I looked out the window and saw if the new neighbor had arrived. I grabbed my pink robe and went downstairs to grab a coffee. I walked in the kitchen and realized that my parents weren’t here. Then I check the calendar next to the refrigerator, the date is March, 5, 2030 and I see there is not a plan for the day. For me it is really difficult to handle the parenthood situation and how to take care of a child. Now I am twenty one years old, and I still live with my parents. I made a bad decision when I was eighteen years old, and it didn’t go too well. So I raised a one years old girl and sent her to the orphanage because I don’t have money to raise her alone. Even my parents don’t want her so I decide to send her there; until I have enough money to earn a house and all the things that I need. Now I regret sending her there and I lost the hope that I can raise her  with her mother. 


About an hour, I drove the car to the orphanage and waited in the car to see if she’s waiting for me outside. There she is, a young social worker holding a four years old in her hand waiting for me to take care of her just for the day. When I was finished taking care of her, I got a call from my friends and he said that a new neighbor had just arrived. As I dropped her off at the orphanage and went in the opposite direction. It took me another ten minutes to be in the house of my friends. There he was, waiting for me and watching him putting his phone in his pocket. I parked the car in his driveway and went outside to give him a hug.

“Sorry, I got here late,” I said, while I pulled away and gave me a flower to give to the new neighbors.

“Really, red tulips?’

“I don’t know what to choose, so my girlfriend picked it to give and she’s not here,” he said with a grin on his face. 

“I see that Sarah is not here, well then let go.”

“Sure.” We walked about a block away from the park and reached the house that we realized. I was surprised that someone bought this house, about three years and I wish that I have enough money to buy this. I rang the doorbell and then he opened the door.


Character Three: Jack Fisher


As we entered the house, I wasn’t sure what to expecting that it was a mansion and never quite imagine how amazing the craftsmanship and the design were remarkable fascinating. We went to the living room and he brought three cups of water and then sat down on the couch.

“So, what brought you guys here besides the new neighbor?” he said with a grin on his face and we can see that he is a nice person and very welcoming.

“We’ve met the owner of the house, but he never told our parents about you and we are wondering if we can show you around this town. There are very welcoming people and we live about a block away from your house.”

“Oh, thanks for the information but I have been here when I was a lad and don’t know so much about the other people.

“Well, now you do and we can show the shortcuts and the history of the towns.” 


“Nice to meet you, Arthur,” Barbara said while she stood up and gave him a handshake.

“You too,” he accepted. We left and then watched him close the door. I wasn’t surprised that Barbara has a crush on him.

“Jeez, you already met him,” I said to her.

“Yeah, but i have this good feeling about him,” she said.

“And he just arrived, when will he know about you and your daughter?”

“Time will tell.” 

“Hope so.” Time will tell…

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