Club Identity Meeting

Club Identity Meeting

Marissa White, Student News Reporter

Club Identity is having a meeting this Friday, Oct. 28. It will be held in room C309 and supervised by Mr. Lobozzo.

The topic for this week’s meeting is “It’s the little things”. To sum it all up, they are going to be discussing how racism reveals itself in little ways, like when someone makes an action that may not seem like a big deal to them but can come off as offensive. In other words, this could be described as microaggressions.

Club Identity focuses on how different aspects of our identities affect the way we interact with the world and the challenges that come with these differences such as race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc. This week is focusing mainly on race.

For this week’s meeting, Mr. Lobozzo is hoping to get students with different racial backgrounds to share some personal experiences they have had in the past and or present.