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Halloween Candy Review


When looking into the bowl of Halloween candy, the question often becomes, “which of these chocolate or gummy treats am I craving?” Well, in this article, we will review and rank the spooky treats you might have received this Halloween so you will know what best fits your stomach’s desires! 

The most classic Halloween treat is a Pumpkin Reese’s cup. The ratio of peanut butter to chocolate in a classic Reese’s cup is considerably average, but in the seasonal pumpkin cup offering the ratio is on point. The chocolate is delectably melty and the peanut butter has a decadent consistency that makes it an overall tasty treat!

If you are craving something a bit fruitier, a great choice is the classic Starbursts! The pink Starburst is blasting with strawberry flavor, the yellow tastes of juicy lemon, the orange tastes of an explosion of fresh orange, and the red of succulent cherry!

Another classic candy is the Kit-Kat. Kit-Kats are a type of chocolate that is made up of three layers of wafers which are covered with a layer of chocolate inside and out. 

Lakewood High School student Erin Dippel’s favorite candy is a MilkyWay. She says “a MilkyWay is the first thing I pick when I grab something out of the bag. When they be hitting my tastebuds, I just want more…”. The Milky Way bar is made of nougat, topped with caramel, and covered with milk chocolate. 

Hopefully, these descriptions will help you pick out the perfect candy from the Halloween bowl to help you find your favorites so you know what to be eating this autumnal season!

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