Big Daddy’s Pizza

Mallory Zavatchen, Food and Restaurants Reporter

Big Daddy’s Pizza: a delicious frozen pizza brand that not only keeps students at Lakewood High full, but also amused. With a sudden burst of popularity, seven out of ten students would choose to have Big Daddy’s Pizza products for lunch.

The menu includes various pizza options: BBQ Chicken, WG Scratch Ready Four Meat, Four Cheese, Pre-Sliced Four Cheese, Pre-Sliced Pepperoni, Turkey Pepperoni, and Buffalo Chicken.  Big Daddy’s Pizza also offers a whole grain crust, the same as regular crust but with 51 percent grain, contributing to your nutritional benefits. 

A student at Lakewood High, Samantha Hudak states, Originally, I wanted to try Big Daddy’s pizza because their name started a ruckus at school with everyone talking about it, but now that I’ve had it, I can’t have any other pizza.”

Although Samantha Hudak was enthusiastic about Big Daddy’s pizza, there are mixed reviews from another student at Lakewood, Clare Morrissey.  When asked about her opinions on Big Daddy’s pizza Clare Morrissey stated ¨ It’s ight – I wouldn’t choose it, but if they gave it to me I would eat it. It’s mid, to be honest.¨ With many students attending Lakewood High, some don’t pack a lunch. With the convenience of just $2, you can get a scrumptious slice of Big Daddy’s pizza.  What’s better than that?