Spring Musical Announcement

Jacob Mariani, Performing Arts Reporter

It’s that time of year: the Lakewood High School spring musical has been announced! The LHS spring musical will be Anastasia by Terrence McNally. The musical is based off of the movie Anastasia released in 1997, and is a historical fiction that is based off of the true story in which Tsar Nicholas II and his family are slaughtered but his daughter Anastasia survives. She was a Tsarina, or a princess, her dad was the emperor of Europe, and her family was kidnapped and killed in the early 1900s following World War I. The musical takes place in Russia and follows the communist Bolshevik rule under Vladimir Lenin. Fun fact: it took place in October, but now that we use a different calendar, it actually took place in November.

LHS always puts on really good musicals and The Times can assure you that this one will be a hit! We are so excited to see how well the Barnstormers will do with this production! Audition information has not been released yet, but as soon as it is, you will hear an announcement either from us at The Lakewood Times, or from the Ranger Rundown, or from any of the performing arts teachers.

There is a Google Classroom for students to join that contains the soundtrack, historical resources, and the roles/songs that will be used at auditions, so feel free to start preparing early! Information for the Google Classroom can be given to you by Mr. Farinelli or Ms. Brooks.