Senior Quotes for Yearbook

Senior Quotes for Yearbook

Maddie Kratz , Student News Reporter

Attention all seniors: senior quotes are back in the yearbook!

For all those who are not familiar with senior quotes, seniors get to pick a line, quote, phrase, or single word that will be put under their senior portrait in the yearbook. This can be some type of advice for all of the upcoming classes, something to say goodbye to your fellow seniors, something that sums up their experience in high school, or even something funny to make others smile and laugh. It is the senior’s last mark in high school and this quote can be something that makes everyone remember you when they look back on their yearbook decades from now. 

The Cinema class is accepting submissions already and a Google Gorm was sent to all the seniors’ emails by Ms. Basinski. The staff of Cinema and the school administration have the right to review your chosen quote and reject any that don’t fit their required criteria. The criteria for the quotes are:

  1. Limited to 100 characters. Any quotes that go over will be shortened by Cinema. 
  2. No profanity. No acronyms. No gang-affiliated words. No drug or alcohol references. No sexually explicit content. 
  3. No shout-outs to other students or teachers, unless the person being shouted out emails Ms. Basinski and approves it. 
  4. You can only use acronyms if they are commonly-used text and appropriate text slang. 
  5. No links to websites.
  6. No language that insults another ethnicity, religion, race, sexuality, gender, or mental/physical ability. 
  7. No derogatory language. 

Ms. Basinski and theCinema are so excited about senior quotes being in the yearbook this year. To all the seniors, get thinking and be creative! We cannot wait to see what you all come up with.