Girls Basketball Game vs Avon Lake

Girls Basketball Game vs Avon Lake

Maddie Kratz , Sports Reporter

Many would describe basketball as a sport where players run up and down a court trying to aim and shoot the ball into the hoop. However, in Lakewood, basketball is so much more for every athlete. Basketball is a community. And that is the feeling these six senior girls got when they played in their last high school basketball game. 

The Lakewood girl’s varsity basketball team played against Avon Lake High School in Avon Lake on Feb. 16, 2023. This team brought fire, competition, and heart to the game they love and the family they have created for themselves through this sport— one last time. The final score ended with Avon Lake taking the win, 43-24. But all athletes and sports lovers know that the score never defines the real game and the true competition. The Lakewood Varsity team went into this game knowing they were ranked lower than Avon Lake, but that never stopped them for one moment. The Lakewood Times talked to seniors, Sam, Jacquie, and Sydney, who told us that they started off a little bit flat in the beginning but they know they gave it what they could and they are very proud of the season they had. 

The six seniors—Annette Doren, Sydney Hampton, Sam Hudak, Jacquie Hudak, Ava Carroll, and Aya McAullife— along with their younger teammates— Delaney Garcia, Sophia Zarbo, Lucy Henrikson, Ally Bookman, and the swingers— took that court for either their last time ever or the last time for this season. They gave it their all, and Lakewood Times is so proud of them. 

Now this season might be over, but the seniors are leaving behind a great legacy and the younger players have so much left to bring.