Beauty and the Beast play

Alejandro Nieves Bucey, Preforming Arts Reporter

Based on the classic fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, is going to be performed at Lakewood Congregational church. 

When? March 31 – April 2  at 7 PM.

Many students from Lakewood High School will be a part of this play such as Jacob Mariani, Alexis Lindsay, August Nieves Bucey, Owen Hill, Eilleen Brady, and Ella Kalinowski. 

Here is an interview with August Nieves Bucey:

Who do you play in Beauty and the Beast?

“I play the bookseller and the beast double during the fight scene.”

What is your favorite Beauty and the Beast adaptation?

The live action with Emma Watson

How long have you been acting?

“I started acting when I was in 3rd grade. I was the fairy godmother in Cinderella at the Beck Center for the Arts.”