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Meet The Homecoming Court 


With the Homecoming dance this Saturday, it’s time to decide on the Homecoming King and Queen! Don’t know much about the court? Keep reading to find out more.

Each year, the seniors nominate ten of their classmates to the Homecoming Court. Then, the entire school votes for one boy and one girl to be the King and Queen. The Lakewood Times spoke with each senior to learn more about each one. Here’s what they had to say.

Alyssa Heinz: 

“I feel great about being nominated to partake in the Homecoming Queen vote and instead of people voting for their friends, I think they should choose someone who works hard, is well-rounded and is a devoted person.”

Delaney Garcia: 

“I’m really grateful that my peers picked me to be on Homecoming Court. If I win I’ll be extremely honored.” 

Gianna Chisholm: 

“I am happy to be nominated because I started at Lakewood my freshman/sophomore year (because it was COVID times). I had never gone to a Lakewood City School before because I went to a Catholic Parma School until 8th grade. I am just glad to know that I have made such an impact on my classmates in such a short time. People should vote for me because I’m a genuine person who tries to carry my positive energy and attitude with me everywhere I go. I am a Captain on the Girls’ Track and Field team and I am a model for PMTM outside of school. I hope that you all vote for me for your 2024 Lakewood Homecoming Queen!” 

Gift Anya:

“My name is Gift and I am one of the nominees for Homecoming Court. I am very elated to be a part of the court and I am also very happy that my other peers thought that I was a good candidate. Some things that I dabble in include dance, marching band and NHS. I am very interested in helping others, which is my main motivation for being in the medical program and a part of the Cleveland Clinic staff as a student of course. And in general, I enjoy being around others and making them smile.”

Lily Winters:

“I am very excited and honored to be nominated by my peers! I think I would be a good candidate for homecoming royalty because I have many mutual connections with my peers and I am a leader in all aspects of my extracurriculars. “

Dominic Patera:

“I am very excited at the fact I was nominated by my class of 2024. I feel you should vote for me as King because I represent a leader. Someone who cares about his school, classmates and teammates. I try to spread positivity and strive to push people to better themselves and their lives. I’m someone who cares about people but also wants them to have fun day to day.”

Jacob Dupay:

“I am very excited about being nominated because I didn’t even expect it. I feel like it’s made my senior year more impactful and it would make an already great year even better if I was voted Homecoming King.”

Luke George:

“I’m very honored and excited to be nominated for Homecoming Court this year!! In school I am involved in the boys basketball team, the boys track team and student council. After this year I plan to go to college and study business. Outside of school, I run my own business with my classmate, Donnie; and hang out with my friends.”

Mateo Guajardo:

“Being on Homecoming Court is pretty neat.”

Owen Gibbons: 

“Hi, My name is Owen Gibbons and I am a senior here at Lakewood High School. Being on the Homecoming Court is a truly memorable experience, where I get to represent my school and be a part of our Lakewood community. In addition to that, playing hockey and lacrosse has taught me valuable teamwork and discipline, allowing me to grow as a person and giving me the chance to always be learning, expanding my mind. Lastly, being Student Body President has given me a voice in shaping our school’s environment and culture. And I’m proud to be able to contribute to our student community in multiple ways. Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to seeing what everyone in Lakewood is going to accomplish!”

Voting for the King and Queen took place throughout the week of Oct. 2, with the results being announced during the Friday, Oct. 6 pep rally. The entire court will march in the Spirit Parade that evening, then take the field together to be recognized before the football game. Good luck to all nominees!

UPDATE: Congratulations to the Homecoming King, Luke George, and the Homecoming Queen, Delaney Garcia!

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