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“The Beast”

Fractured Fairy Tale


Everyone in the village wanted Belle and Gaston to end up together forever. They were the perfect pair until a mysterious beast came along and swept Belle off her feet. Ever since then, not a single cry came from Gaston. Instead of looking sad and anxious, there was a gleam in his face. The way he talked and the way he would go about his day became so much more lively. Why is that?

“My friend, I terribly miss Belle as much as you do but I have a lot of things on my hands. I just simply do not have enough time to go looking for her,” explained Gaston.

“What do you mean you have a lot on your hands? Doing what?” asked Flynn.

“Doing what I do best of course.” 

“And what is that?”

Gaston smirked and got out of his seat with his beer. Striding his way over to a youthful lady, he sits himself infront of her. 

Belle on the other hand was miserable. Locked away under the castle, she barely breathes. In dirty rags as clothes and little to no food at all, Belle sits in the corner of her cell. Staring out at the pitch dark room, not a single light shine through. The loneliness eating her up and all she wants to do is escape and go back home to Gaston. 

“Oh Gaston, please be quick and save me from this place.” A tear rolled down and Belle passes out on the cold hard ground. 

On Gaston’s table, there sat the enchanted rose, all lifeless. 

“Oh look, it’s time for me to go check up on my garden. Would you like to accompany me there?” asked Gaston. The tall blonde from earlier gracefully accepted his offer and followed along. 

The garden was beautiful. Full of enchantment, the tulips, daisies, orchids, and roses charmingly aligned with each other. The brick pathway gave it an aesthetic sight with all the ivy growing along it. Walking along the path, it felt like the garden was never ending and you just get deeper and deeper, almost to the point of getting lost.

“I have no words, this is just beautiful,” said the young woman. 

“You’re beautiful Aurora,” complimented Gaston. 

“How long have you been growing this garden for?” Aurora asked. She turns around after giving some daisies a sniff and sees Gaston gone. She looks around and everything surrounding her shifted. The sky dimmed and the once known pathway was gone. “Gaston? Where are you Gaston?” 

There was a rustling in the bushes not too far from where the blondie was standing. She carefully walks over there until she hears another rustle on the other side. Looking back, there was figure standing right under the moon. It was big and hairy, ears like a wolf and paws like a bear. Frightened, Aurora starts scrambling to the opposite direction. Running through the garden, all the beautiful flowers gets crushed and destroyed. The trail is evident with pieces of her pink dress left on the branches and thorns. 

Tripping against a rock, Aurora falls. Catching her breath, she is surrounded by roses. They started to glow and shine so addictivly, the poor girl could not resist. She stands up and gets closer. Picking out one of the roses, she admires the enchantment of such delicacy but what caught her eyes even more was the spiky thorns on the stem. They just looked so tempting, Aurora decides to bring her index finger over and push down against the thorn. Bloods starts to gush out and the girl starts feeling dizzy. The whole garden is now spinning once more and the roses no longer glowed. Right before Aurora blacked out, a shadow figure came into her view under the moon with a sinister smile all over its face.


The next day, the whole town is talking once more about the beast.

“There has been sightings of the beast last night. Another victim came into his hands,” says Flynn.

“Who did he take last night?” asked Gaston while drinking a jug of beer.

“What do you mean? You should know who.” 

“Now, what makes you say that?”

“Because you’re the one who took her,” revealed Flynn. Gaston pauses what he was doing and looks over to Flynn. His eyes got dark and in a split second, he switches back to his normal demeanor. 

Bursting out into a laughter, “You kill me Flynn. That’s the more deranged thing I have ever heard you say.”

“I’m being serious.”

Out of nowhere the cavern door bursts open. In comes a man with a big red hat and suit. One hand was missing and was replaced with a hook. On his side, there was a sword, shiny and sharp.

“Captian Hook, I’m glad you made it,” said Flynn.

“Of course. After much investigation and many long nights, we have finally identified the beast. Gaston, you are now under arrest.”

Captain Hook makes his way to Gaston and handcuffs him. Behind the two men were the seven dwarfs, assisting with the arrest. Since then, the village was now at ease and no longer had to worry about a beast roaming around. The enchanted garden was destroyed and the two girls were underway to recovery.

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