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Drew’s Perspective

 I sat down In my uncomfortable faux leather chair and set up my supplies. My notebook, my 2 pens (in case one ran out of ink), my voice recorder, my questions and myself. I sat at a round wooden table with flowers in the middle that I pushed to the side so I could see my guest eye to eye. I wanted to be professional, this was a huge deal for me. Her chair sat across from mine but she hadn’t walked into the hotel room yet. I still had a few minutes to prepare myself for the biggest interview of my career thus far. I mean I wouldn’t exactly consider the class president from high school who I interviewed for our school paper a big deal but he would consider himself that. He was nothing compared to her, Anastasia Beck. I sat at the round table nervous to talk to Anastasia, thinking about what she is going to say to the questions I am going to ask, when I heard a knock at the door. I Shot up from my seat and my heart began to race, I was not prepared for that at all. I swung open the door and began to introduce myself and stuck out my hand. Anastasia sort of pushed it out of the way and just walked in. 

“There’s really no need for all that,” she said laughing with a big grin on her face. SHe stepped into the room and shut the door. I watched her as she sat herself down on the ground like a little kid and took off her faced up floral platforms. She was even more amazing in person than I had expected. Under her platforms were just about the funniest pair of socks I’ve ever seen in my life, which I wasn’t expecting. She shot up from her spot on the ground and I finally snapped out of my trance of staring at her.

“We’re going to start right over here,”I told her, directing her to the direction of the table. I was so nervous and I’m sure she could hear my voice shaking. I sat down in my comfortable leather chair and double checked to make sure I had all my supplies. When I looked up, her fingers were fiddling with the flower pot I had moved out of the way.

 I hit record on my recorder, and spoke into it,

“I’m sitting down with Anastasia Beck, lead singer of Taurus. Anastasia, What inspires You to write your music?” I hold the recorder up to her mouth with my left hand,and I hold my pen in my right, waiting for her response. She moves closer to the little recorder, and hits the stop recording button. She grabs it from my hand and in her most sing-songy voice says,

“This feels a bit too formal, no? Let’s start This again.” She got up from the table with the recorder and went out the door, still only wearing her funny looking cow socks. She shot through the door, recorder in hand, twirled through the room, until she landed at her seat.She pressed the record button and began to speak. 

“This is Anesthesia, I do music, And I’m here with…”She held the recorder up to my face, lifting herself from her seat a bit. 

“Drew, Andrew Weathers.” I said into the recorder, still unsure of what she was up to.

“Andrew!”She interrupted my thoughts

“I hear You have some questions for me?” She asked while looking back at the flower pot.

I conducted the weirdest Interview with the biggest star of my time, but I’ve never had more fun interviewing a guest in my life.


Anastesia’s Perspective

I get asked to do interviews a lot these days. People love a starlet they think is unstoppable, out of control, and a little wild. But this particular interviewer stood out to me. Andrew Weathers. I haven’t seen him since Middle school, and I doubt he remembers me before I was Anastesia Beck. I do have to wonder how he’s doing and if he maybe, even a little, remembers me before I was anyone. So, I said yes to this particular interview. The driver dropped me off in front of the Marriott downtown and I was walked to the door. I always have to wear these huge coats and glasses and things so people don’t recognize me, but it never works. I see the flashes of a few dozen cameras before I enter the hotel and whoever walked me to the door blocks the entrance so I am not followed. I enter the elevator and click the button with the number 17 illuminating on it. I’m a bit dizzy as it goes up from all the flashes of cameras a few minutes earlier but I compose myself and pull a note out of the pocket of the large coat draped over my shoulders. 1765 is what the note reads. The room number. I get out of the elevator and look for the signs to point me towards 1765. Once I get to the door I take off the heavy coat and drop it right outside. I knock on the door, firmly, and wait for Andrew to open it.I’m excited to see him again after it’s been so long. He opens the door and holds his hand out to me. 

“Hi Anastesia!, I’m Drew with…” His words go silent in my ears, I can’t understand a thing he’s saying. Part of my heart dies. He knows me. Why is he reintroducing himself? We grew up together. I Pushed his hand out of the way and walked into the room, trying to gather my thoughts back together with each step I take.

“There’s really no need for all that.” I tell him laughing. But I’m only laughing to distract myself from what just happened. I sit myself down on the floor and take off my painfully uncomfortable platforms, god how I hate having to be constantly dressed up. He stands by the door and just stares at me like I’m a zoo animal while I take off my shoes. If he really doesn’t remember me and he just thinks I’m an entertainer then fine, I’ll entertain him. I pop up with a jump after getting my shoes off and I throw my arm around his shoulder. He stammers for a bit and points to a table with two chairs.

“We’re going to start right over here,” he tells me while walking over. I can tell he’s nervous. I wish he would realize who I was, That I am the same old Becca I have always been, but he can’t see past the image I have put out there. I’m playing with some fake flowers, noticing their artificialness. How they seem so beautiful but have never been real and never will be real. As The plastic petals sooth my fingers, a voice says something I will never forget,

“I’m sitting down with Anastasia Beck, lead singer of Taurus. Anastasia, What inspires You to write your music?” I was fuming. I was just an interview to him. No longer a friend. No longer Becca. Just Anasestia Beck, lead singer of Taurus, like I was to everyone else. He put the recorder in my face, SoIi grabbed it. I turned it off. If it was a show he wanted it was a show he would get. I stormed out of the room and slammed the door. I looked down at my huge coat crumbled up on the floor, about as real as those flowers. I swung the door open and danced around the room. Like I would on stage. He wanted Anastesia now he’s got her. I slumped down in my chair and turned on the record and heard the last of Becca slip out of my throat as I spoke,

“This is Anesthesia, I do music, And I’m here with…” I waited for him to say his name. I wanted to know if he even knew who he was anymore.

“Drew, Andrew Weathers.” Andrew was who I remembered. Not whoever Drew was. I wanted to give him one last shot to remember the real me.

“Andrew!” I yelled out in hopes of mutual recognition, feeling 12 years old again. I could tell he didn’t see me. He only saw Anastesia, So Anastesia is who I became, and who I have been ever since.

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