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“That Night”



I was thinking of heading Home 

it was cold that night

yet a figure stood out in the cold

there I saw You in fright


I didn’t know You liked to roam 

I didn’t know I would be Your knight

“Leave Me” was what I was told 

but if I did, You wouldn’t be alright 


when I found You there

You told Me “Go, I am wasting my time”

but I could see it in your eyes

If I left You I would never regret My Crime


You were in a spot I could not bare

I sat next to you after a climb

I had to stop your cries 

but we talked for a long time


You told Me about Your Mother 

I told You about My Dream

The Rain danced above Us 

You were a girl with heart from what it seemed


You were not like every other 

You were like a daydream

hearing Your pain made Me want to scream out and cuss

You say I saved you but love goes both ways because together we are a team.

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