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Peer Mediation at LHS

Lauren Flynn

Have you ever had a problem with another student? If so, then peer mediation might be for you. Peer mediation is a supportive program where students are selected as mediators to help other students settle their issues with one another.

Peer mediation was originally started back in the 1990s, but it was suspended after 20 years because some administrators didn’t see the value in it. After students came back from the pandemic, staff realized that mediation could once again be valuable. Students lacked vital social skills and instead of simply talking out their problems, they would fight. So, peer mediation was reinstalled in the school in 2022. 

During peer mediation, there are six people inside the room: three peer mediators who act upon a preplanned script for the ease of the meditation process, Lauren Flynn, and the two parties with the conflict. There are three different roles the mediators take: 

  • Lead mediator, who does most of the communication and guides the meeting
  • Recorder, who transcribes what happens, including solutions to the problem at hand
  • Observer, who ensures nothing goes wrong and is there as an extra guide

It’s important to note that after the first meeting with the mediators, there will be a follow-up meeting two to three weeks later to ensure that the parties involved are following the agreed-upon plan. The mediators don’t expect both parties to come to a complete solution, as long as they form a reasonable agreement. 

You can be referred to peer mediation by house principals and teachers, as well as other students or even by yourself. That’s right, you can request to have a peer mediation meeting with yourself and someone else. Hopefully, this will result in fewer fights at Lakewood High School and give students the vital life skills that not everything is fixed with a fight and anyone can resolve conflicts in the future, both in and out of school. 

If you have any questions, you contact Lauren Flynn at [email protected]

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