Keep An Eye Out For Musical Scholarships!

Fiona Loudermilk, Performing Arts Reporter

Congratulations musical seniors! It is finally time to get those scholarships, especially if you are planning on going to college for music. For the orchestra students of 2023 and future graduating classes, playing violin and auditioning is a fantastic way to build your resume. You can be involved in the Lakewood music program by either being an active student or being a partaker in multiple orchestras. 

Unfortunately, the Tri-M Music Honor Society scholarship due date has already passed on Wednesday, March 22. If you or any musical students did submit their application, there will be further information keeping the students updated regarding the induction ceremony and the officers chosen. 

Another scholarship that is available for music students from 5th to 11th grade is the Music Boosters Summer Scholarships. This is for students who want to attend a summer camp or summer lessons to get prepared for the upcoming school year. All high school students are also able to apply for either teaching summer lessons to younger students or working as a camp counselor, which you will get paid for. 

If any music students have any questions or interests in the upcoming scholarships, feel free to ask the Lakewood music director Dr. Hankins or the Choir teacher Ms. Brooks. Also be sure to watch out for future scholarships or audition chances!

Happy Playing!