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“The Great Escape”


I had my eyes pried on the light. All I could do was look forward as I Inched closer and closer. The tunnel walls were coded in green slime and human feces. My orange prison jumpsuit was extremely heavy. It had sucked in water and was dragging god knows what. The cracks in the tunnel walls had drained out most of the murky water. Leaving a thick grime of human waste and dead rats in my path. I can feel the tunnel slightly shake what I can only assume are cars driving over me.

Each inch I crawl allows me to see more of the tunnel. The light being my only source of guidance and sight slowly growing is comforting. The light reveals more of the tunnel’s secrets, allowing me to see writing scratched into the walls. Most of it seems to be gibberish and most likely written in a state of panic. I look straight forward, seeing the light start to dim. The shadows grow in size, devouring any remaining light. As the light is drained from the tunnel I can only feel my hope drained as well. My fingernails break against the tunnel interior as I make a last ditch effort to escape into freedom. 


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