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    New Mexico School Shooting


    On December 7, two students at Aztec High School, in New Mexico, were fatally shot according to Fox News. The shooter was killed as well, supposedly by himself.

    The Washington Post reports that the shooter was not a student, as previously thought, but was in fact a 21-year-old, William Atchison, disguised to look like one. A County Sheriff said that, a month earlier, Atchison had bought a 9mm Glock pistol.

    Atchison reportedly killed Fransisco I. Fernandez in a bathroom at the high school and then stepped into the hallway to shoot a female student, Casey J. Marquez. Afterwords, the man randomly fired at classrooms located in that hallway.

    In the event of the shooting, the school was put in lockdown-mode and was later evacuated. Once out of the school, pupils were put onto buses that would take them to an area where they could meet with their parents.

    All other schools in the area have been closes, although no other threats have been found.

    The gunman had formulated his plan at some point prior to the event, according to Ken Christesen, a Count Sheriff; a message written by him was found, including a timeline of what he wished to carry out and a comment about how he was struggling in his life and wished to escape it.

    Officials had done an investigation at Atchison about over year before the shooting, when an online post prompted them to do so. However, he was not connected with an organization and he did not posses a gun, and the investigation was dropped.

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