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Midterms are almost here!

Midterms start on the 12th of December then we get to go on winter break! With exams coming up The Lakewood Times wanted to talk to some students about how they are feeling about it. All of these students will be anonymous for the sake of privacy.

With exams coming up how are you keeping up with classes? Are you nervous? 

“I just kinda do, I don’t know, there is no exact trick with it. I’ve always kept up with my classes.”

“Staying on top of work, looking at what has to be done all the time to see what has to be done.”

“Its actually been pretty hard for me because I haven’t done some work for a while because I was out and the teacher didn’t excuse me for it, even though I had a really good reason and a doctors note.”

“Its been hard and easy just because I do my work I just don’t turn it in sometimes so I have to find the paper or the doc and turn it in.”

“I’ve been studying all nights some nights and drinking red bulls and trying to stay awake because I didn’t pass first or second quarter. I need to pass most of my exams to go to the next grade.”

“Its nerve wracking because I have everything in but I don’t have good grades. This exam is my final because I have a semester class so I need to pass it to get my credit to graduate.”

How do you think your teachers are taking it?

“They are probably really stressed out getting everyone’s grades in.”

“They might be annoyed with everyone asking them questions. I know I would be.”

“Depending on what subject they teach they could be planning for the next semester. I’d be pretty tired if I were them.”

As you can see it is always stressful for students and staff. Some students are on top of things, making sure they pass. Others, not so much. We hope you can study and try your best to pass the exams you have!

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