Tide Pods

Tide Pods

Max Boland

At first, an angsty internet trend and now, a poison control nightmare.

Generation Z is eating Tide Pods, solidifying the fact that most of us are suicidal. Twitter has perpetuated the meme idea of eating Tide Pods by putting them on pizzas and cooking them, smoking them in a dab rig and straight biting into ’em. At first glance, laundry detergent doesn’t seem that dangerous. Our generation, however, loves doing stupid s%@t in a half-assed attempt to die or harm ourselves. Youtube has personally taken initiative in taking the Tide Pod Challenge videos down, but the meme is so widespread that there’s no slowing it down now. People genuinely love the attention of poisoning themselves with laundry pods. As unsafe as it sounds, no one is reported to have died yet. The trend is slowly morphing into an epidemic though, so much so that some grocery stores are now taking card when there’s intent to purchase Tide Pods.

Okay, seriously guys? The demise of our generation is at the hands of a damn laundry pod?

Anyways, when this challenge blows over there will be plenty of funny stories to tell our kids and history books of Tide Pods.


Not gonna lie, the memes are hilarious. Check them out when you get the chance:

Twitter Still Can’t Stop Joking About Eating Tide Pods