Kentucky school shooting


Anas Akram Ul Haque

There was a school shooting in Benton, Kentucky at Marshall County High on Tuesday January 23. This was a tragic moment and the first school shooting in Kentucky after 20 years.

On December 1, 1997 in West Paducah a white teenage male age of fourteen named Michael Carneal waked into Heath High School with a gun and shot and killed three girls and injured five other students. Fast forward to present time twenty years later at around 8:00 on a Tuesday morning one of the students at Marshall County High brought a gun to school and started to shoot his fellow classmates. He ended up injuring eighteen students and killed two of them.

The police came as soon as they were alerted about the shooting they arrested the boy and took away his gun. The suspect is in custody as of now has been charged with assault and murder and he will be tried as an adult. The citizens of Kentucky were shocked to hear something so dreadful has once again happened in their state.

Fifteen year old Bailey Holt was one of the victims in this unlawful crime, she had called her mom at the time of the shooting while it was going on. Her mother picked up but all she could hear was the screams of other students so she rushed to the school but authorities would not let her go in and then later she found out her daughter was one of the victims.

Kentucky’s governor, Matt Bevin, said on twitter to citizens to “not speculate, but come alongside each other in support and allow the facts to come out,” even if there “is still much unknown”.