Vignette by Katelyn Abraham

Katelyn Abraham

While my brother and his friend were out swimming in the cool ocean, I was struggling to move my feet from their place in the hot white sand. The sun’s rays were beating down on the areas my bathing suit didn’t cover on my back and shoulders. It would later turn into a pretty wicked sunburn, the kind that formed bubbles that you’d always be tempted to pop. Those were the worst. The weather wasn’t being kind with its blistering heat, and I couldn’t get myself to go into the safe haven of the water. It looked intoxicating. The waves were going back and forth in a friendly motion, and I desperately wanted to feel the cool water all over my body. I was six and afraid of sharks so the ocean was scary to me. Whenever I had the courage to take a step forward the water, I would step right back into my spot. My grandma got tired of looking at this process because she picked me right up and put my feet in the water. I was hysterically crying, but when she set me down all of my panic got washed away. The water felt incredible and I was so satisfied after standing in hot sand for 15 minutes. I was desperate to feel the cold water all over and daringly took steps further and further. My feet were mushing into the wet sand, and my body felt immediate relief. I went underwater and I could feel my hair dancing to the rhythm of the waves. I did a spiral and looked around myself in the water and realized there was nothing to be afraid of.