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    How to Avoid the Winter Blues


    Seasonal depression is no joke, and neither is the foot of snow on the ground today. What’s there to do when doing outdoor activities are no longer an option (AND you’re broke)? Luckily for you, my therapist and I brainstormed some options.

    1. Have a movie marathon

    A successful movie marathon does not have to include a group of friends, you can do it alone! All you need is an arsenal of movies, a Netflix queue or some money for a couple Amazon rentals. The next step, after gathering movies, are blankets and snacks. Drive up to the grocery store or take an Uber and grab your favorite grub (and some healthy options while you’re at it) for your private theater. All in all, this option should cost you less than $20, unless you have all the supplies already. A planned movie marathon is good for the soul, especially if done by your lonesome–it creates a sense of confidence and comfort in being alone while also giving you time to be cozy!

    2. Get your blood pumpin’

    One of my favorite wintertime activities is hot yoga, but anything that gets your blood going, to simulate summer heat, is good for you. In Cleveland, there are many hot yoga studios including Pink Lotus, Inner Bliss and a number of donation based programs. The sweat and focus channeled in an hour is unlike any other experience (especially for $10 or less). But what if yoga isn’t your thing? I know my fair share of inflexible people, and there are options for you too! Cleveland is also home to many rock climbing gyms such as Climb Cleveland the Cleveland Rock Gym. Rock climbing classes and free climbs are available. Also, at the Foundry in Ohio City, there are many free or low-cost clinics to learn how to row. Working out is good to boost endorphins and will help you outrun (ha! get it) the winter blues.

    3. Check out a new coffee shop

    Warm hot chocolate, books or board games and a cozy vibe–Tabletop Board Game Cafe has a $5 entry fee, which includes free board games all night and incredible hospitality. In the heart of Ohio City and just a few warm steps from book shops and restaurants, Tabletop is great for friends or playing alone! However, if you aren’t so much into the social aspects of board games, Phoenix coffee is right down the street and the vibe there encourages productivity and individuality. Phoenix is both quiet and comfy, as everyone is focused on their own yummy coffee or work.

    These are just three of many things to try out on your next snow day or day off work. Linked below are other similar articles if this one didn’t quite do it for you:


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