Why You’re Always Chasing Players

Why Youre Always Chasing Players

Madyson Lewellyn

Have you ever wondered why you can never been drawn to a nice, stable partner that treats you well and makes you feel special? You seek an emotionally stable guy but somehow end up in the arms of a player. We have all been there. Getting played by a supposed Prince Charming is a rite of passage. Though never a pleasant experience, we can learn and grow from past mistakes.

But the question still rings…why are chasing the same people, the same repeated behaviors if we now it’s wrong? Turns out the plain and simple–and due to genetics. Biologically, women are biologically engineered to  fawn over dominate qualities. According to Above Top Secret, “Women know that procreation with an alpha male will give her offspring the necessary genes to survive and be competitive..propagating survival of the fittest.” Although you may not be thinking of “procreation” with your heart breaker, science delves into the subconscious reason as to why you are attracted time and time again. We cannot change our biology to suddenly be attracted to the nice, quiet guy who keeps asking us out each week.

We want what we can’t have…another simple to answer the question of attraction. Women are drawn to the damaged man because it provides a love project–appealing to the natural feminine desire to nurture the helpless. The player is an elusive character who may be exciting, may keep you on your toes, may be unpredictable…but is completely pathetic. After all, you are a wonderful women who deserves to be with an amazing partner.

Players will always play their game. The way you handle a player is not to hate the player, but learn the game. Key lessons to remember would be to keep dating, act non-committal, do not wait, and enjoy the chase.

You may not agree with the handbook, but following a few fundamental lessons, will safeguard your heart from another break and cultivate the relationship you desire.

Don’t be the player…be the coach.