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    Unwriting Hollywood Stereotypes: Black Panther


    Throughout the history of Hollywood, film hasn’t always been the most accepting medium. From the earlier times of racist depictions of different races played by white people, to modern-day, where people say a film focused on black culture or actors can’t be box office hits. But one film is destroying this stereotype, and it may be coming form a very unexpected place, a Marvel superhero movie—Black Panther.

    Superhero movies are huge in our society. Far from the nerdy lens they were seen through in their comic book days, everyone and their entire family sees the new Marvel movies when they come out. This makes them an interesting vehicles for social movements. While a revolutionary film like Moonlight, telling the story of a young gay black man, can come out, the racist and homophobes aren’t going to see it. But a movie about a super pather-man that fights along Captain America? Absolutely.

    We say this trend begin last year, with DC’s Wonder Woman being the biggest hit of the summer, making $821.8 million worldwide in its extended run. Other than being a good superhero movie, it inspired girls everywhere to find the ‘wonder’ in themselves, with a strong, independent, and kind depiction of the heroine being the main character.

    This trend has seemed to continue with Black Panther. With a story focused around an African superhero protecting his home in Africa, and a cast filled to the brim with talented African-American actors, Black Panther is bound to break some racist barriers in today’s society. With an expected $250 million opening weekend, and the 4th most pre-sale tickets ever sold for a movie on fandango (only behind the three most recent Star Wars movies), if you aren’t going to see this movie, you’ll for sure hear about it, with the effect this movie has not only effecting the people who see it, but society as a whole.

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