Delta Ditches NRA

Delta Ditches NRA

Max Boland

Delta Airlines, primarily based out of Atlanta, Georgia, has officially cut ties with the National Rifle Association. Republican lawmakers have threatened to cut a $50 million tax exemption on jet fuel, which Delta is the primary beneficiary of. Conservatives have very openly threatened Delta Airlines which shows a conflict of interest, especially considering the private state of both Delta and the NRA.

Delta posted a tweet February 24, 2018, publicly renouncing their support for the National Rifle Association and no longer allowing discounted rates for members of the NRA. Just hours after, United Airlines followed in suit. This, keep in mind, was just ten days after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where seventeen people were shot and killed by an expelled student.

Georgian Governor, Casey Cagle, has personally expressed his discontent about the discounts for the NRA being taken away. In tweets, Cagle has stated that “Discriminating against law-abiding gun owners will not solve the problem.” But answer me this, how is giving NRA members a discount on flights, probably openly carrying firearms on the flight or under the plane, not discriminating against liberals? If Cagle would state that taking away freely given discounts on flights, then that entire time NRA members got discounts was discriminating against gun rejecting people. Casey, honey, rethink that.

Overall, Delta is a private company and can reject any company openly–even while previously supporting them. Especially in light of the recent high school massacre, I believe it hit home with members of Delta Airlines and they can do whatever they please with that information. The blow back on the lack of gun control must start with the ordinary citizen and work its way up to corporate levels if change will be instituted. Thank you, Delta.